Petitie #254: 2016 a New Year with acknowledgement and compensation?

Petitie #254: 2016 a New Year with acknowledgement and compensation?

His Excellency Shinzo ABE
Prime Minister of Japan
The Hague, 12 January 2016
Petition: 254
Subject: 2016 a New Year with acknowledgement and compensation?

Members and supporters at home and abroad of the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts wish you and the people of Japan a happy and fruitful New Year. A year in which the people of Japan will be asked to acknowledge Japan’s moral responsibility of its wartime history during World War II.

Prime Minister,
It appears that you personally acknowledge moral responsibility for Japan’s military atrocities during the war. The recent political agreement between Japan and the Republic of Korea announced during the last week of 2015, admitting responsibility and providing compensation to the 46 “comfort women” still alive, is hopeful and promising. Your most sincere apologies and remorse to all “Comfort Women” are political statements which have to be approved by the Cabinet and the Diet. As Prime Minister it is easy to write a letter and make funds available to the surviving victims, but the question is: Does it carry political support from all political parties? In particular as your intentions are spoiled by Japan’s reported demand that the statue of a “Young Comfort Woman” is to be removed as condition of the funding of the compensation. For the authenticity of your personal apology and the payment of 1 billion yen to the surviving former military sex slaves of Korea no strings, which are not acceptable to the surviving victims, can be attached.

Prime Minister,
Apparently Japan has the funds to compensate its war time victims. Money alone does not compensate the immeasurable and painful experiences and incurable physical and psychological wounds. Nor can it be limited to Korean Comfort Women only. Other victims of the Japanese military during World War II demand from Japan acknowledgement and compensation. For the Dutch from Dutch East Indies the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts can, with your government, establish a Foundation for the purpose of providing moral and financial support to the surviving victims of Japanese military atrocities and destruction. Japanese war time companies could contribute to the Foundation too, thus settling Japan’s Honorary Debts.

We are looking forward to a personal and early reply from you.
On behalf of the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts.

J.F. van Wagtendonk