Petition # 297: Rehabilitation of Justice

Petition # 297: Rehabilitation of Justice

His Excellency Shinzo ABE
Prime Minister of Japan  

The Hague, 13 August 2019
Petition: 297
Subject: Rehabilitation of Justice

The day after tomorrow we recall Japan’s capitulation on 15thof August 1945. At the Dutch National Monument– the Indies Monument -in The Hague we remember the Dutch who died during Japan’s military occupation of the Dutch East Indies. It is a simple and moving occasion where survivors and next of kin mark the occasion and remember their loved ones, including those who died since then. Many generations attend: survivors, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They all make  one common demand:Japan, rehabilitate and do justice to the victims! It is not a legalistic request, but a request to respect and to honor the Dutch who lost but all. In short “Rehabilitation of Justice”.

Prime Minister,
We regret that this month your present Ambassador to The Netherlands, his Excellency Hiroshi Inomata, will be leaving his post. In the past 3 years we had with  him many discussions based on our monthly petition addressed to you as Prime Minister of Japan. As Ambassador he had his instructions and in our dialogue he was professional and consistent. With his understanding of our requests he kept, within his diplomatic brief, the dialogue going. Which prompted us to make suggestions to resolve Japan’s historic commitment in a unique and specific way. The Ambassador’s departure at this crucial moment is very regrettable as we suggested to you to take the occasion of the Tokyo Olympics to resolve Japan’s historic commitment.

Prime Minister,
It will take time for his Excellency Hiroshi Inomata’s successor to assess our position and our suggestions. We expect that the new Ambassador will be briefed in full so that he or she will  be able to continue the dialogue with the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts. In particular, we hope that the new Ambassador is fully aware of the suggestion to resolve Japan’s historic commitment and that no time is wasted in  understanding the position.

Prime Minister,
It is in this respect of the utmost importance that you acknowledge receipt of this petition and consider the new Ambassador’s brief in rehabilitating justice. 

On behalf of the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts.

J.F. van Wagtendonk