Petition # 326: Will Japan this year recognize that for a dialogue response is required?

Petition # 326: Will Japan this year recognize that for a dialogue response is required? 

His Excellency Fumio Kishida, 
Prime Minister of Japan.                                                                                                                        

The Hague, 11 January 2022 
Petition: 326
Subject: Will Japan this year recognize that for a dialogue response is required?

“Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar” we wish each other in the Netherlands at the beginning of a new year. Traditionally in English, the board and members of the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts wish you and the people of Japan a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year. At the same time we consider what our relation is with Japan and its people. Many petitions have been directed to the Prime Minsters of Japan including yourself. Never did we receive a response on our suggestions other then that every thing has been settled by the San Francisco Peace Treaty and the Yoshida-Stikker protocol. How can we have a meaningful dialogue if repeatedly we are told that Japan expresses the feeling of deep remorse and heartfelt apology for its actions during the war? But that the Dutch government and the Japanese government is in agreement that all war related reparations have been settled in accordance with international law.

It appears that your Ambassador in The Hague has the instruction to receive our monthly petition directed to the Prime Minster of Japan on his behalf and make some comments. But never did we receive formally an acknowledgement of receipt nor a reply to our suggestions. The peace exchange program is meaningless. Only a handful former victims or there immediate dependents are included.  Let me make it very clear we do not hate the Japanese but have no respect for them as they continue to use legally and politically related arguments to deny any moral responsibility for the lasting sufferings of the Dutch during the Japanese military occupation of Dutch East Indies during World War II.

During 2022 we will continue our monthly demonstrations and present petitions with suggestions how Japan and its people could participate in a meaningful dialogue demonstrating moral responsibility and understanding for the pain and sorrow to the Dutch and their dependents from former Dutch East Indies. The solatium of 1956 was inadequate and needs to be resolved with the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts.

Prime Minister,
I look forward to your acknowledgement of the receipt of this petition and your suggestions.

On behalf of the Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts.

J.F. van Wagtendonk